Dr Cecile Jadin

My sister, Keriann, is a chiropractor in South Africa, and is always on the lookout for things that might help ease my M.E symptoms. She forwards me articles and information when she finds something that might be useful, and I am always grateful to her when she does.  I know that they stem from her deep desire to see me get better. Or, at very least, better than I am at present. She lives so far away, and she isn’t able to help me on a practical daily basis (which she wishes she could), so it’s her way of trying to make a difference in my life.

My sister has a patient that came to see her last year, a few months before our trip back to South Africa. He suffers from M.E. and my sister mentioned that I have it too. He told her about a doctor in Johannesburg that he’d been to see, and that her treatment had changed his symptoms for the better.  He had been referred to the doctor by another M.E patient of hers, who improved so significantly that he ran a marathon late last year! So, of course, my sister asked him for the details of this doctor, and she arranged two appointments for me, during the period that I was going to be in Johannesburg.

Let me give some background on this doctor, to better illustrate her approach and treatment protocol. Dr Cecile Jadin is a Belgian doctor who has practiced in South Africa for two decades now. She is the daughter of the late Professor J. B. Jadin, a colleague and friend of Charles Nicolle who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1936. Professor Jadin studied intracellular bacterial infections, and was considered an authority on rickettsioses and neo-rickettsioses, on malaria, leishmaniasis and various other organisms. He worked at the Pasteur Institute in Paris and Tunisia. In the mid-1980’s, while practicing in South Africa, a friend of Dr Cecile Jadin’s was suddenly struck down with a debilitating condition, later diagnosed as M.E. Based on her knowledge of her father’s work, Dr Jadin wondered whether her friend might have a rickettsial infection. Blood tests were done in South Africa, but the results were negative. The test used was the Weil-Felix test, which was still the test of choice for a lot of pathology labs, despite having been shown to lack both sensitivity and specificity (CDC, 1989). Dr Jadin therefore decided to send a sample of the blood to her father’s laboratory in Belgium for testing, using  his Micro-agglutination test (Giroud method). The result came back positive! The blood showed antibodies for two different Rickettsia strains. The infection was successfully treated with tetracycline, and her friend’s symptoms improved significantly in a very short space of time. This result led Dr Jadin to wonder whether there were more people diagnosed with M.E (or even fibromyalgia) who might also have their symptoms partially or even fully explained by bacterial infection. And so, her practice was born.  Over the years Dr Jadin’s approach has been challenged on various fronts, but the fact that so many of her referrals are a result of satisfied patients recommending her, I decided that it was worth seeing what she had to offer.

My first appointment took place on the 14th October 2011, the day after we’d arrived in Johannesburg. My husband drove us up to her practice on the northern outskirts of the city, and I was enchanted by the peaceful surroundings. We had to wait almost an hour for my appointment, but finally I was ushered in. Dr Jadin has a heavy French accent, and I struggled at times to understand her questions and comments. She had asked me to bring a full set of blood results with me from the UK, which my lovely GP has furnished me with prior to our trip. She looked over my medical history, scanned the blood results, then took me to a side room to weigh me, take my vitals (blood pressure, temperature, etc) and feel my lymph nodes. My throat was particularly raw that day with my lymph nodes the size of walnuts. She then checked over my skin to look for any obvious signs of a bacterial infection. I had a patch of contact dermatitis (which I get on occasion) on my belly which she tutted over, commenting that it might be bilharzia and that blood tests would tell us more. Once back at her desk, she said that she would recommend a panel of blood tests be done, to see whether I had any antibodies indicating a bacterial infection. These blood tests were not cheap (almost £750!), but Chris and I decided that it would be worth the money if they provided us with some answers. So, we took a deep breath, and headed to the pathology lab to have my blood drawn and the testing started. I had the most complete set of blood work done that I have ever had in my life. Every aspect of my blood chemistry was looked at including inflammatory markers, and liver and thyroid function. I was also tested for antibodies to Mycoplasma, Chlamydia Pneumoniae, Chlamydia Trachomatis, Toxoplasma, Borrelia (Lyme Disease), Helicobacter Pylori, Brucella, Coxiella Burnetti (Q Fever), Bilharzia and Rickettsiosis!

It was another week before my next (and final) appointment with Dr Jadin. It’s strange, but I knew with certainty that I would test positive for a rickettsial infection. I suppose it made a kind of sense to me, as my symptoms had first started 3 weeks after a trip to South Africa, albeit triggered by a dodgy tummy that I picked up at work. And so, when I walked into Dr Jadin’s office on the 21st October 2011, I was fully prepared for the results that she gave me…

My blood had tested positive for the following antibodies:

  • Mycoplasma pneumonia IgG,
  • Chlamydia pneumoniae IgA (acute) & IgG (chronic)
  • Rickettsia Conorii (spotted fever).

In addition to the bacterial antibodies, my iron tested slightly low with “results suggestive of depleted iron stores in the presence of an acute phase response/non-specific tissue damage” and my immunoglobulins (IgE) were raised.

So, you may ask, WHAT IS RICKETTSIA? In the week leading up to the results, I did some research into the various bacteria I was tested for, just so I knew a little more about each of them. Rickettsial infection was first discovered in 1909 as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Rickettsia bacteria can be found in ticks, lice, fleas, mites, meat, milk, faeces and dust. The bacteria spread in the bloodstream and infect the lining of the vessels. They then grow and multiply until the cell they’re in bursts and releases them black into the blood stream, to spread even further.  The bacteria can last for a very long time in your system by doing this, and can invade various organs and lymphatic tissue. Dr Jadin, therefore, postulates that the Rickettsial infection can cause a myriad of symptoms associated with M.E.

“Rickettsia release into the bloodstream three types of endtoxins, which have different effects. All or some of these endotoxins may produce symptoms. First, endocytokines that will cause inflammation and pain; second, neurocytokines that would be the origin of neurological symptoms such as demyelination found in MS patients, and psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, troubled behaviour.” (CL Jadin, 1999)

So, after 4 years of having M.E, I had another piece to the puzzle. Dr Jadin started me on a treatment regime, which included one week of treatment per month, over three consecutive months. I completed the three course of treatment just before Christmas. I obtained all the medications whilst in South Africa to complete the course.

  • In all three cycles of treatment I am prescribed the following:
    • Nexiam 20mg – before breakfast.
    • Neurobion (Vitamin B Complex) – with breakfast.
    • Lacteol (Probiflora) – 2 tablets with lunch.
  • First cycle:
    • Doxitab 100mg – 1 tablet with breakfast and dinner.
    • Austell-Ciprofloxacin 500mg – 1  tablet with breakfast and dinner.
  • Second cycle:
    • Cyclimycin 100mg – 1 tablet with breakfast and dinner.
    • Purmycin – 2 tablets with breakfast and dinner.
  • Third cycle:
    • Tetralysal 300mg – 1 tablet with breakfast and dinner.
    • Metazol 200mg – 4 tablets with breakfast and dinner.

I was also told to make some permanent lifestyle changes. They include avoiding caffeine, sugar (including honey, fruit juice and dried fruit), aspartame sweetener, unpasteurized dairy, raw meat and fish, and alcohol. I have also been advised to avoid supplements that include magnesium, glutamate, chromium, and vitamins A, D, E and K.

After the first and third course of treatment, I experienced a period of 4 – 5 days where my symptoms were significantly better – in fact, my energy levels were akin to those I experienced during my pregnancy. The improvements allowed me to hope that I might see sustained improvement like other of Dr Jadin’s patients. My hope was premature, however, and I slowly declined back to where I had started with my symptoms. I kept telling myself not to hope for too much, as that would only lead to disappointment. But it’s never as easy as that, is it?! Those brief glimpses at what my life could be like were so tantalising. So vivid. If only…

As you will know from reading my earlier blog post “ Been Too Daunted To Post (part 2)”, my condition worsened dramatically in January 2012, to the point where I am now mostly bed bound. My husband suggested that we contact Dr Jadin again by email, to see what she might suggest that would help. We received a very brief email in reply (much to our annoyance), indicating a further 3 months worth of medications, and asking that we pay €90 for the “consultation”. There had been no discussion about what might have caused the worsening symptoms, and no discussion about any other approach than this new course of medication. Due to my imminent unemployment, we do not have the financial resources to purchase our medication privately, so being asked to pay for a prescription that we weren’t going to be using seemed a bit of a cheek. After some emailing back and forth, my husband managed to negotiate that we pay just over €30 instead.

I went to see my (very patient) GP, and he agreed to assist me with one last ditch effort at treating my M.E. with antibiotics, as prescribed by Dr Jadin. He highlighted that it is not an accepted form of treatment here in the UK, but that he’d support me by prescribing a single week of medication. My GP is an amazing man, who tries to remain open-minded about every new treatment approach I bring him – I dread the day he retires (as he’s pretty long-in-the-tooth already) as who knows if my next GP will be as understanding! So, on Sunday I started my final course of the antibiotic cocktail, that included:

  • Doxycycline 100mg – 1 tablet with breakfast and dinner.
  • Ciprofloxacin 500mg – 1  tablet with breakfast and dinner.
  • Omeprazole 20mg – before breakfast.
  • Vitamin B Complex – 1 tablet with breakfast and dinner
  • Vitamin C 500mg – 1 tablet with breakfast and dinner
  • Folic Acid – 1 tablet with breakfast and dinner
  • Probiotic – with lunch.

So far, I haven’t felt much improvement. Today is my first “brain fog”-free day in weeks, so perhaps that is a sign that the medicines are helping. I’m reserving judgement, however, and will post again once the treatment is complete.

I sometimes wonder, collectively, how much we M.E. patients spend per year (of our own money, I mean) chasing the mirage. If everyone else is like me, so worried that the treatment you don’t try is the one that just might have worked, then I’m sure that the sums of money spent must be substantial! For good or bad, it’s the financial constraints imposed on us by the M.E (limited , if any, capacity for work) that limits how much we spend on our search for answers. Oh well.


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  1. Kenneth Starrs Says:

    I was a patient of Dr Jadin’s back in 2010(?)Then she came to Belgium/namur and i travelled there.I have Rickettsia conorii(plus other parasites/infections)…now 68 yrs/almost lifelong ME/CFS sufferer.I had about ten months of her antibiotic treatment in pairs.Then sadly Dr Jadin had an accident and she was unable to see her European patients.Please contact me privately…

    • Hi Kenneth,
      Apologies for how long it has taken me to thank you for taking the time to post on my blog. My health hasn’t allowed me to respond sooner. I will email you shortly.

      • Kenneth Starrs Says:

        Hi Sam
        How are you doing now?Any improvement.I have been back to see dr Jadin in Tournai in autumn of 2016.You can email me if you so wish.

    • David Payne Says:

      Kenneth hi,
      i was a patient of Cecile’s back in 2004 and although I can’t say i fully recovered I was able to get on with my life and became very fit again. However, over this last 12 months I have slid back and feel like I need medication again. Not sure whether to go to Cecile or my GP?

      • Candice Allan Says:

        I was diagnosed with Rickettsia 3 years ago. I was on homeopathic remedy & natural oils & it sorted me out within 3 or 4 months. Unfortunately it is back but at least I know what it is & dont have to go through the long process & frustration of trying ot get diagnosed.
        I’m back on treatment & just hanging in there till I feel better again.
        Willem Smuts, a Holistic Healer in Bryanston Johannesburg can diagnose Rickettsia so easily with his Biocom Feedback machines & no need for expensive blood tests!
        Contact him on 082 458 1031 or wjsmuts@gmail.com. Address: Weleda Studio, 26 Culross Ave, Bryanston.

      • Kenneth Starrs Says:

        Hi David,
        How are you faring these days?I’m still battling with health problems.In 2014 I finally got a proper diagnosis re my illness.I have PTHP(hypopituitarism).Now I’m getting testosterone and GH(growth hormone).I still have all the infections(rickettsia/other parasites etc)

      • Kenneth Starrs Says:

        Hi David,
        How are you doing now?Any improvement?I have been to Tournai/Belgium to see Dr Jadin again in autumn of 2016

      • Megan Swain Says:

        U can also try Dr S V Bulatov, used to practice from Northcliff cnr SC in JHB, assume still there. My ipad isnt showing his number but of u google alternative treatments for ricketsia, his site will come up, supposedly also on FB. I saw him some years ago, didnt mention ricketsia to me at all then altho site says he diagnoses many weekly, might need to re-visit vut am concerned he disnt raise it then so didnt diagnose me properly.

    • Hi, I have been a patient for last 8m and I also had an improvement from debilitating back pain that left me bedridden
      For years. After 3m I had no pain with her treatment but now am feeling the burning back in my discs! She wants me to continue with treatment for a year at least but my doctors are telling me I am crazy as if I had to get a superbug, my immunity will not fight it! Both my boys, who have ASPERGERS syndrome have now also had blood tests confirming Mycoplasma Pneumonia and Rickettsiea which I could have passed on to them during pregnancy! Dr. Jadin has found a link with autism and mycoplasma and she wants me to treat the boys as well! I am not sure what to do. Wait and see if I recover or intervene early in their case and try and minimize their symptoms of brain fog and tiredness which has always been classified as autism spectrum disorders. Does anyone know of anyone else other than Dr. Jadin in Johannesburg or anywhere else in the world who is an expert on infectious diseases?

      • nonnie renner Says:

        Hi my son is a patient of dr cecile’s husband. He was positive for ricketsia, clamydia and mycoplasma and was diagnosed for chronic fatigue syndrome. The doctors diagnosed him for so many different things that he was actually ill for 7 years! At least we found dr jadin that has the answer to kill the intercellular bugs! The fact is that you should not stop with her medication before those “bugs” are dead! For some people that happens faster than others and then the doctors are sceptic about her medication because they does not know that it is a intercellular fight to get those germs out. But I can really say that those medication safed my sons life and thanks God. I did not listen to my doctor, I dont even take him to my GP i phone dr Gerin, because some medicine should not be use together with those for chronic fatigue. dr Gerin is dr ceciles husband. With my sons first appointment his lower back and every joint together with his knees was in pain, his stomachwas bloated , his eyes blurred when he was reading, his ears buzzed, he had breast pains and he could feel his heart beat as if it was running away, sore throat and headaches plus heaviness of body and extreme exhaustion. Now after 1 year and 4 months nearly everything is gone! but he is still on medication till he is fully recovered, i believe at end of the year!!!! If it was not for the research of dr Jadins father my son should not be able to be at school. anymore! Just keep on with that medication and dont discuss it with doctors. they dont want to know this breakthrough because they will loose too many patients

      • Flouroquinolone antibiotics are dangerous. ..in fact very dangerous. Please research them. The FDA has recently put out a new warning on them. I took them for Helicobactor pylori and now suffer with most of their side affects.
        Their side effects are horrendous. Just a note too…. Vaccines are responsible for mycoplasmas.

      • Megan Swain Says:

        Posted reply to u above by mistake, if u still need.

    • Dena Broyles Says:

      Hi Kenneth I am ttrying to get inot contact with Dr. Jadin’s practice and came across your email to reach her. I was wondering if you could help me. i”m in desperate need of knowledgeable assistance.

      Thank you,
      Dena Broyles

      • Kenneth Starrs Says:

        Hi Dena
        Sorry I have just noticed your email.I haven’t been on this blog for years.How can I help you?I have been diagnosed for PTHP(hypopituitarism)recently(2014.)

  2. Andrea Mardon Says:

    How sad it all is. I’ve had M.E. for 22 years and my son’s had it for 11, I was 33 and he was 21 when we got ill so that rules out the placenta theory!. I go through phases spending money I can’t afford on all the people who say they can cure me. Then I tell myself there is no cure and to accept that. There are millions of people with this condition all over the world. A cure will be front page news and the person who finds it will be a millionaire. Then I feel guilty about not DOING something to make myself well and start spending money again. I just got excited about Dr Jadin after hearing from two people who had M.E. in S.A. I’ve been trying to work out how I can get treatment from her but after reading these posts I think I’m going to apply the front page theory. A friend sent me Dr Jadin’s book and I’ll try and get the doctors from M.E. Research UK to read it. I really wish you all well. Literally.

    • Brendan Says:

      Hi. I hope you deceide to go and see her. I for one am a massive supporter as her treatment has had a life changing effect on my life and I hope it can / will do the same to you. I wish you luck.

    • nonnie renner Says:

      For patients far away you only have to see them once a year. They fax the prescription to you and you can then buy the medicine from pharmacy. We live in Stellenbosch and my son get prescription via fax, I just have to email report of previous month symptoms. After year he must fly to johannesburg to see dr Gerin (dr cecile’s husband) for medical examination. He then take urine test to see if liver is fine and listen to heart ect.

  3. I was a patient of Dr Cecile Jadin for over a year. She has changed my life. I can function wholey again and she does state that the course can be a long term course so quite understandable that your three month treatment was a little short term to bring full health. I re-lapsed after a bad flu virus and within 2 months I was right again. I cannot thank her enough! Beryl

  4. jemandi Says:

    I was diagnosed with CFS/ME in May 2011, but managed to work until Dec 2011. I would like to contact you and have a chat if you don’t mind. Not sure how to do that, but happy to provide a mobile if that can work for you, and if you are agreeable. Dr. Jadin was recommended to me by my Mum and an Aunt. Like you, I have the approach that I should try everything, just in case, and have spent a fortune so far on various recommended supplements and treatments as it is self-funded and is incredibly costly, but all in all, limited in terms of NHS support. All standard blood tests are fine. Treatments/supplements seem to work for a few weeks, and then I slide back. I have been bed-bound Jan-Apr, off work since Jan and at the moment there doesn’t seem to be any sign of sufficient recovery to go back to work yet, which is annoying. I have gone from a fit person who trained regularly to somebody who can hardly get out of bed most days. If you are agreeable, I would really like to make contact and share experiences with a fellow South African. Best regards, Jeanette.

  5. jemandi Says:

    The best information I have found so far is Dr. Sarah Myhill’s website, http://www.drmyhill.co.uk and a book on Amazon ‘From fatigued to fantastic’ by a dr Teitelbaum. Not that fantastic has arrived for me yet, but the book, like dr. Myhill’s website has lots of good, practical advice. I am also trying SCIO therapy, recommended by a South African friend with adrenal fatigue, and will continue with that for a while to see how it works. I felt great after the first treatment (about a day or so later), but 2nd session not so great. She seemed to have noticed a lot of detoxing going on, which may be the case. I found a therapist in Walton on Thames. It seems to be very popular in South Africa. My next course of action will be to order some of dr. Myhill’s blood and other tests. I have been holding off from that for months now, but after the initial SCIO session had a few issues that were highlighted. I have tried osteopathy, supplements, more supplements, Vit B12 injections, acupuncture, massage etc etc with limited success. Jeanette

  6. Toni Tonks Says:

    Diagnosed with Brucella in 2005, six months after waking up one morning with debilitating fatigue which I, at the time didn’t know that, that’s what it was. September 2004 off to the GP who besides establishing that my white blood cells were elevated, thought I was infected with HIV because my Elisa & Western Blot test came back indeterminate. You have no idea how life changing that news was despite not putting my self at risk, spent the next six months chasing the wrong disease. Specialists, specialists & more specialists. Three week antibiotic treatment for Brucella (doxycycline) once diagnosed my titter count was diagnostic 160.

    Despite the treatment have had may primary & secondary infestations ranging from mild to severe. Chronic Fatigue, Joint Infections, Muscle Aches, Inflammation Of The Joints, Depression, Blackouts, Rash, No Tolerance To Alcohol, Allergies, etc. etc. etc.

    Came across Cecile Jardin in 2010 after her Cart Blanche interview. Spent another six months on anti biotic therapy, there seemed to be an improvement, however having suffered for so long one starts to think that your medical condition is normal. I liked Dr. Jardin however stopped going after her motor car accident as she had referred all her patients to her husband. Even though I know she is knowledgeable on the subject still think and it’s my personal opinion that Income seemed more important than patients well-being. Her book was amazing as it described my life for all those year after being infected to a T, despite her not personally having ever been infected.

    I too was diagnosed with Rickettsia Conorii and given similar meds 6 cycles she seemed to think that I did not have Brucella. R12,000.00 blood tests again, so many by then, R850.00 consulting fee cash up front. Think I’d be a millionaire if I got 20% back of my medical costs over the years.

    2nd October 2012 symptoms have flared up again back on meds self treatment with another GP off course, cortisone injected into the shoulder joint, 14 days of doxycycline 100 mg twice a day and so today is no different than any other the past 7 to 8 yrs.

    Looking back possibly the only regret is that I did not join or start support groups for so many of us in the same position.

    HIV tests are finally negative. It’s well documented that HIV tests cross react with animal infections and are 100% accurate if negative but not so if positive as my case has proven. If only my GP at the time was well informed !!!

    Enjoyed all your posts…

    Warm Regards


    • nonnie renner Says:

      You can go to her husband, dr Gerin. He does the same as she and the blood lab is at his rooms. He does the tests himself and he prescribe the same medicine as she does!

  7. Tanya Hosmer Says:

    Urgent attention To all above,

    I am currently a patient of Dr.C Jadin-residing in Jozi…SA

    For those of you doubting…Don’t give up yet!!

    Last year 2011,I left my family in an absloute panic-sleeping fo 4 solid days,without being able to get up for food or water…
    My grand mother (A registered nurse) then referred me to a Dr C Jadin…as 1 of my family members was diagnosed with something craazy like Rheumatoid Arthritis..after much money spent,plenty of Doc’s and specilaists…they found out about Dr C JADIN on Carte Blanche on MNET..with much hope..they went to see her…
    My family member is now walking and working and happy-unfortunately still not 100% but after her entire childhood being taken away from her because of misdisagnoses…She is now able and mu-uch better!! Please note that she is STILL a current patient of Dr C Jadin.

    I am 24 years old… From last year June 2011 to date…
    I AM WORKING 21 HOUR DAYS… Much against my family & specialists’ wishes-However I am now that capable to live with less pain..actually wake up everyday and able to take life on.
    Don’t get me wrong-This treatment is darn tough-and very very few people can understand the magnitude of the combination of Rikettsia,Mycoplasma,Bilharzia aswell as Chlamydia Pneumoniae..and fighting it whilst working a full day.

    I gave up in October 2011!!!
    As I work in retail as a Boutique Manager of a Flagship store…I knew that I would never get through our peak season while being on treatment-as the treatment is tough to get through..I reluctantly stopped…then went on holiday- ate plenty of sugar and spent waaaaay to much time in the sun-as each of the above names are aware-NO SUN…NO SUGAR!!
    I relapsed.
    My own fault.
    Harsh relaity-But I went back to her..she frowned but guided me back on track…without lookng down on me!

    I am no picture of health-trust me when I say..This is not an easy road-being on this treatment is hard work and if you have no-or very little support from your friends and family members.. It’ll be even harder on you.

    Due to my poor lack of judgement-I’ve gotten involved in alot of situations that have added to my lack of health..
    This stuff has now stretched out a little to my brain-ok fine..its spread to my brain..which has causd swelling on the the brain-resulting in Even worse Insomnia and Terrible Terrible memory loss.. and I have a 6x4cm Lump in my left breast…I also have multiple cists on my ovaries.. Yet I continue to believe against all odds that the God that I believe in has not sent this woman on my path for no reason..!!

    I’ve had a Synovectomy done on my left hip-which was very unsuccessfull-and VERY painfull..shortly after that-a FULL hip replacement…..OUT OF ALL THAT-THIS TREATMENT WAS THE HARDEST…!!

    But here I sit reading this blog and in very little detail the expriences you’ve each had..And I am STILL convinced that I will get even better with time.

    With the amount of time I have spent working.. which is between 14 and 21 hrs PR DAY… Much against Dr C Jadin’s advice- I am still most definately a totally differnt person to what I was then when I started this recovery period…

    Do yourselves a favour-get most of the meds from Dr C Jadin herself @ less than half the price that the pharmacies could ever offer it to you for…
    And if you believe in the God that I do (I am Christian)…then what are you doubting in…

    You cannot expect to do this treatment for 3 months and expect full recovery..Don’t get me wrong-it can happen that you relapse again after this period of treatment…But please do not give up!!

    I have spent a heck of a lot of time researching Dr C Jadin’s methods…and many GP’s have advised me against this treatment-‘as your body will not be able to fight bacteria if you spend alot of time on anti-biotics…’
    BUT thats why they are GP’s..and not specialists…

    If her treatment was so unsuccessfull-please explain to me how I have improved through all of the above info I have provided you with..(please note-this info doesn’t explain all the detail of my physical hardship)
    But I believe first and formost that God’s grace has pulled me through it all..and I believe it was by His hand that I ended @ her practise.

    I hope that this experience makes you think about continuing!!
    All the best
    Tanya Hosmer

    • Jan van Ommen Says:

      Dear Tania, I do believe it helped you and am happy for you. But just remember that some people have a longer history than you and might have evolved past the third stage of Lyme. The longer the existence, the more complicated the symptoms and treatment. Please don’t be so hard on anybody who could not find relieve in the treatment, as you might start to sound like your GP.

      • FYI, after 6 months on a mixed protocol: Jadin and very specialized microflora alteration, my Vitamin 1,25D has fallen from extremely high to normal range (characteristic of Cfs and autoimmune), with disappearance of almost all symptoms(some tachycardia still). I have a clean return to work from neurologist, neuropsych, and treating physician. SPECT matched typical Cfs pattern.

        Worst herxing came fromMutaflor probiotics(e.coli nissle 1917)

    • Amanda du Plessis Says:

      I am so thankful that you are feeling much better. However Cecile’s “treatment” nearly ended my life …. see more in group … perhaps it is becase I had been ill for about 14 years prior to seeing her? But once again I think it’s brilliant that you can now claim your life back. x

    • Sonja Says:

      Dear Tanya
      My daughter has just started treatment with Dr Jadin. She is currently very ill and in tremendous pain – headaches. I would like to know whether this treatment is worth pursuing. Did you derive any benefit from it and how are you doing now?

      • Hi Sonya, I just wondered how your daughter is going? I am looking at doing Dr jardin’s treatment for my daughter but we havent started yet. I hope things are improving for your daughter?

  8. I am so glad I stumbled on this! I am so sick from the diseases which Jadin treats. I just cannot afford the treatment though. I have been sick for 28 years now and can’t remember a day when I was well. I have been so miserable. Doctors don’t listen. They look at me and say I am fine. I just wasted thousands at a doctor for that doctor to say I am a hypochondriac. I sleep up to 20 hours a day and am riddled with pain. In desperation, after being told nothing is wrong with me, I tested for Rickettsiae as a private patient…which irritates the pathologists, but you can do it because it’s your body, and I tested positive. I hope to get to Dr Jadin as soon as possible because suicide sometimes seems like the way out I get so ill.

    • Hanne Says:

      Dear Charmaine,
      It is nearly a year ago you wrote on this site. Nevertheless I sympatise with your problems by being called a hypochondriac. I have been there, I was called a hypochondriac by the UN in Tanzania. They did not want to evacuate me out when I got sick and I got chronic Rickettsia. It hurts when noone takes you seriously, but we have to ignore it. After all they are just ignorant people, and there is so much meanness in the world, this was just some of it. I had three doctors recommended immediate evacustion to South Africa and it was still ignored. All I can say is that I have been treated by Dr Jadin since 2002, and she saved my life. I am still struggling, and it is hard, but I believe that all we can do is to aim for as many good days as possible and stay on the treatment, maybe one day something new will be invented and we will all get rid of the problem. The suicide idea – well not for me, I have my daughter, my partner, my lovely great doggies and my parrot, it helps to be loved, even if it is just by a little parrot, they can give so much love. My constant tinnitus etc. etc. is still so awful that yes I do understand you.


  9. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to not only read, but to post a comment on my blog entry. I am so pleased that you have chosen to share your own experiences here, as they have helped others make their own informed decisions about whether to try/continue using Dr Jadin’s treatments. M.E can be a lonely journey at the best of times, and trying to find the treatment(s) that will make a difference, is almost akin to a search for the Holy Grail. Good luck on your quest, and please let us know how it goes.

  10. Amanda du Plessis Says:

    Hello and greetings from South Africa. I am a long-term CFS person having started with symptons 30 years ago. At the time I was working fulltime and taking part in the CFS/ME research programme at Groote Schuur Hospital. They ran a gambit of tests including ones for tropical diseases as I recently spent time in both Kenya and Thailand. The tropical disease tests were all negative. What they did prove to me was that I was suffering from CFS and offered me a free support group whilst the research was being done. I found that the support groups didn’t help as most people involved were all too negative for my liking.When I first heard of The Cure (not the band but the doc) I immediately contacted her friend in Cape Town to find out how I should go about treatment as the doc came down monthly providing there was enough people to see. I was given a price for the consultation and an approximate amount for the meds as well as being told that the docs return airfare would be divided amongst the amounts of patients who had made bookings to see her.

  11. Hi, I did Jadin Protocol concurrently with Dave Berg’s Hemex Protocol to address coagulation issues. Went into full remission. Relapsed after 11 years and expect to be back to full health this spring. Following the Jadin pattern with a naturopath (with prescribing authority), minocycline, amoxicillian (up to 6 gm/day) and more to come.

    This time around gut-issue caused me to research more and IMHO a stable dysfunctional gut flora population is a significant contributing factor. Finding the right probiotics is tricky, because most Lactobacillus KILL off E.Coli which is low.

    Awesome results from Mutaflor (Myhill and De Mieuler use it), and ThreeLac (no Lactobacillus). The one Lacobacillus that I use in Lactobacillus Reuteri — because it produces B12.

    If interested in more information on this model, check out http://cfsremission.wordpress.com/

  12. Ria van de Visse Says:

    I would like to go and see Dr. Jardin again. I have been seeing her a few years ago. my health improved after 6 months, but my money ran out. I t,s a pitty that these sort of treatment are only for the RICH

  13. dorothy Says:

    Dr Jadin is the only doctor in SA who will not call you a hypochondriac, no matter how much you complain. Our son was diagnosed with schizophrenia 5 years ago. We went to see her husband – a very kind and wonderful man. Our son was tested and found positive for Rickettsia conorii, Q fever and subsequent tests in Europe also were positive for TWO types of relapsing fever (Borrelia species). He took the abx but developed seizures for the first time in his life. I decided to look for herbal alternatives that could be administered slowly to prevent the really severe reaction. at first we dosed too high (thinking that herbs were ‘weak’) and the same seizures occurred. It took a while of modifying his dosage, but I can report that he has recovered significantly – far beyond our wildest expectations. He was catatonic and now is highly functional, working 8 hours a day, sleeping well at night and NO SZ symptoms. He is medication free (except for the herbs) and laughs again and is saving up for a car. Two years ago we were told to place him in a ‘home’ and now he is a pleasure to have around. Those of you who cannot afford the Jadin treatment, or are wary of the long-term implications of extended abx, or not improving as hoped on the abx, please do yourself a favour and look into the herbal approach. I am seeing many people literally get out of their bed-ridden lives on simple herbs. Herbs are cheap, accessible, can be taken on an ongoing basis (preventing relapses) and build the immune system instead of destroying it. If it can work for sz, it will help ME.

    All the best to every one of you


  14. Justus Says:

    I really appreciate the time and emotion you put into this blog. It is nice just to hear from other people who are fighting this fight. I was wondering, did you continue treatment and if so did you get worse, better or stay the same? Best wishes.

    • I am planning to return to work at the end of the month (physician and I are reviewing at our next appointment). I did Dr. Jadin’s approach with my ND, with the addition of:
      Mutaflor (red capsules), Lactobacillus Reuteri, and Prescrip-Assist (green capsules) did the trick,

      with some help from Tulsi and Neem.

  15. Jan van Ommen Says:

    Hello Sam, I am a 46 year old male, married, with children and, although a Dutch citizen, permanently residing in SA since 2001. In 2010 I got a definite diagnosis of PPMS (A-typical) and was forced to quit my active profession. I never accepted that diagnosis as the symptoms were too different from other primary progressive MS patients and very alike Lyme related symptoms. In 2010 I was in a very bad shape and bound to a wheelchair when not at home. My wife and I already looked at and implemented alternative /natural supplements as we both do not believe that medicine is the cure, but more the cover-up. Yes, in 2003 Dr Guldenpfennig (probable MS diagnosis) already pumped me full with 3000MG of Cortisone with disastrous consequences and since then I have a daily battle to gain my strengths back. Always waking up not knowing what activities were possible and which were not. But I re-gain many of my strenght till 2010. My neurologist calls me A-typical as I do not slide down the progressive road of PPMS and always seem to regain what thought was lost. I learned to accept it and cope with the symptoms, till last month (January 2013).

    My wife in the past mentioned that my A-typical symptoms do look a lot like the ones described around the Lyme-disease. And since I felt that my strength, determination and love for life could not carry me much further I started to do some research myself. I needed a LLMD to help me further in the diagnosis as my neurologist simply ignored the existence of Lyme and what have you. I found two in SA, dr Jardin and Dr Carin Smith. One working on the basis of nuking the bacteria with anti-biotic and one working on the basis of eradicating them while building the body’s defense system (simply said, I know). I choose the more natural doctor for a first consult and blood analysis. She did a live-blood test and I saw my blood magnified on 60.000 scale microscope and saw a beautiful but disturbing picture of red and white blood cells, being attacked and invaded by the Ricketsia family members (conorii, mycoplasma, …), together with candida, feeding on the sugars and some toxin and dysfunctional enzyme components/results. I now have to make a decision to have my blood tested abroad and to take a decision on how to further diagnose the full picture and plan of attack (other than only nuking the Ricketers).

    I am busy with a clinic in Germany for a consult and maybe a visit to come to a final diagnosis, treatment plan and future. If you like it, I will provide an update on this blog and if you want it, the details of the clinic and LLMD doctor.

    Warm regards
    Jan van Ommen
    proudly Disabled

  16. Amanda du Plessis Says:

    I, in no uncertain terms, find this woman a charletan. I was at wit’s end having lived with ME/CFS for many years and when I heard about an alternative treatment wild horses would not keep me away. This was about 15 or more years ago and most doctors did not recognise it as being an illness. Cecile was living in Johannesburg South Africa at the time but flew into Cape Town for a few days every month. Depending on the amount of patients she would see we would have to share the cost of her return airfare. Yes I had the normal tests done and yes it was “tick bit fever” and yes the tests had to be done by her father out of the country and yes that was all at my expense. I was on treatment for 8 months and my health got so bad that I had to give up working (when I could least afford to). During the treatment I could barely walk, lost weight (done to 45 kgs and I am 1.7m tall), had to get help getting into and out of the hot bath with that stuff in it that smelt like blood (that she professed would cleanse out the toxins). I started back to work initially for 2 days a week and was still undergoing the treatment. At work I flipped out and tried to commit suicide by jumping out of our office window 10 storeys up. My friends and colleagues kept me in the bathroom so I couldn’t harm myself while another friend phoned to speak to Cecile. Luckily (or not) for me she was in Cape Town at the time. Although I was as mad as a loon (not making sense, thoughts of suicide, mind racing) she immediately wrote out a script for another month. Furthermore she said that it was one of the side effects that others had experienced! I took it upon myself to get friends to take me to the nearest hospital and have me admitted where I stayed for 2 weeks while my usual doctor battled to get my suicidal tendancies under control. Once I was back at home I could not spend any length of time on my own as I was having radical panic attacks. So … I’m stoked if she has helped you in any way but I would never recommend any friends or family to this woman.

    • nonnie renner Says:

      Somebody I know told me about her friend that was very fit and bodybuilder could not hold a pen to write anymore so exhausted he was! he loosed all his strong muscles and found it hard to walk. Then his wife read a book about a woman that was fully recovered from CFS by drinking Siberian ginseng and Royal jelly capsules every day. He then did the same and after two years on the Siberian ginseng and the Royal jelly and lots af raw veggies he is fully recovered now. Very fit again having his life back.

    • Candice Allan Says:

      HI Amanda
      Do yourself a favour, go see Willem Smuts who used holistic treatment to sort out Rickettisia. This really works & has changed my life. It is simple, affordable & works much faster than all I have read about Dr Jardin.
      he used Ozonide Drops, Homeopathic Granules & BioResonance Therapy.
      Contact him on 082 458 1031 or email wjsmuts@gmail.com. He operates from Weleda Centre in Bryanston.
      Best of luck!
      He changed my life & I know he will change yours!

  17. Hi Sam,
    I can only suggest what seems to keep me on an even path… not over acheiving and not under acheiving and that is, to keep a very strict diet with no grains, dairy, corn…. no lectins at all! They just mess us right up and cause further dysfunction.
    Wonder if you sister can check your ileocecal valve, as this is generally impacted by these lengthy illnesses.
    Perhaps try a bit of pine nut oil (from siberia not the south african one) and also colloidal silver (silver sol).
    Digestive enzymes, Betain Pepsin and HCL with a good quality multi B would also probably help out, I also take a magnesium and calcium supplement but I read Dr Jardin suggested to omit these. When in stress though magnesium is very important.
    I only consume water and a pea based protein drink.
    Boring as all hell but relieves me of many symptoms.
    Appreciate your post on Dr Jardin though, it really is a good summary. We need more write ups on practitioners with both sides of the equation considered as its a RICH PERSONS DISEASE and I’m broke!
    Stay strong, stay positive and stay calm. It sounds easier than it is but I truly hope it will keep you going.
    All the best, Troyza

  18. chronix Says:


    I’ve been on the Jadin Protocol for 8 months. Tested positive for Rickettsia prowazeki (+++), CPn (IgG) and mycoplasma (IgG and IgM). Overall I’m in better health now than before. Improvement came about slowly and it wasn’t always a straightforward process. It’s been my experience thus far that the Herxheimer response is a good sign that the treatment is working. The biggest gains were made after having one of these episodes. Worst herx came from Flagyl (a common occurence in people with “chronic” Lyme/rickettsia/cpn/etc).

    I’m not fully cured yet, and feel that I’ve received the most benefit I’m likely to get with this treatment. There’s evidence that these bacterial infections are opportunistic in CFS/ME and accumulates over time, so will continue to take abx courses but at a reduced frequency to keep any infections at bay.

    A warning to new patients: the protocol uses various abx from different classes, some of them being from the fluoroquinolone class (usually Cipro or Avelox). These are very strong antibiotics with dangerous adverse reactions, particularly possible damage to tendons. I would strongly suggest that people consider not taking any abx from this class. There are many accounts of people developing long lasting tendon pain and even CFS/Fibro-like symptoms after a course of FQ’s. I myself am now suffering from left achilles heel pain and weakness, as well as pain in the shoulders and neck, which I attribute to taking Cipro back when I started the protocol. So please be careful with taking this drug, it’s not central to the protocol anyway and can be avoided without lessening the effectiveness of the treatment as a whole.

    I’d also suggest looking into a methylation protocol. People with CFS/ME show signs of having a partial methylation block which can be lifted by taking certain supplements. Search for Richvank’s Simplified Methylation Protocol (it’s posted on the Phoenix Rising forums). It centres around high dose B12 and other supplements. Relatively cheap and all available without a script. If you are very sick I wouldn’t advise starting an abx and methylation protocol at the same time, since the start-up effects of a methylation protocol together with a herx might be very difficult to bare. Rather start with abx and gradually introduce the supplements over a length of time.

    Lastly, good luck to everyone out there with this illness. We don’t know the answers to it yet but things are starting to change, and I hope in the future this illness will serve as prime example that the medical establishment needs to heed the call of patients (and their sympathetic doctors) and not ignore their repeated pleas and in effect creating a stain on their reputation which future generations will unfortunately judge them for.



  19. Dylan Says:

    I went to Dr Jadin in 2010. Tested positive for rickettsial conorri (still wonder if its not something like Epstein Barr that we all test positive for). Her treatment is similar to what they call the Marshall protocol. Felt great for a month, then went back for R650 just to get a repeat script and she wasn’t even there just some medical student. Took the treatment plan to a GP who gave me all meds I wanted. Flagyl, tetralycine and doxy something. After about 9 months I developed worse itching and eczema. It’s 3 years and I still itch and gastroenterologist who saw the meds told me they’ve damaged my stomach. Dermatologists pumped me with cortisone which also aggravated condition. Sometimes tempted to go back to her. It was a month of great energy but seeing her husbands Porsche outside and the cost of the appointments. My house Dr told me. She was being sued by patients… Would love to hear more stories from others. Good or bad.

    • chronix Says:

      Interesting. As I understand the testing for rickettsia does not show an active infection, only previous exposure to the bacterium. The benefit you got could’ve been from the anti-inflammatory effects of certain abx such as doxy and minocycline.

      It’s difficult to say what role the infections implicated in CFS/ME play. An Australian study found around 40 percent of patients had antibodies to rickettsia, but the presence of the bacteria could only be confirmed by PCR in a very small minority of patients, and even then they had to do very sensitive testing, which probably means the bacteria is present in small/negligible numbers.

      The “herxing” phenomenon in CFS is just as perplexing. People experience it not only when they use abx. There’s also a sensitivity in CFS to drugs in general. If the detox pathways in CFS are somehow compromised, and I think they are, could herxing be a result of this problem? Many antimicrobials are hard on the liver and other organs.


      • Dylan Says:

        I think I agree. I always tried to explain it, but it’s like the antibiotic had some anti-inflammatory property, had no symptoms then got worse. Weather changes, flu or tummy bugs, so many things seem to worsted it, can’t touch cortisone just aggravates everything. You seem very clued up. Will investigate your previous post on protocols. Thx

      • Candice Allan Says:

        Rickettsia is always a problematic bugger from all the research I have done. But I guess I have been blessed that found someone who treats this simply, affordably, fast & holistically. My life was almost destroyed 3 years ago from Rickettsia. It was sorted & unfortunately with my low immune system I seemed to pick it up again now. Luckily recognising the symptoms I could get help quickly again & in one month the Rickettsia is gone & I’m feeling normal again.
        Contact Willem Smuts 082 458 1031 or email him on wjsmuts@gmail.com. He operates from Weleda Studio in Bryanston.
        He used Bio Resonance Therapy, Ozonide drops & homeopathic granules.

    • Tracey Says:

      Im so confused I have just been tested positive for Influensa B and EBV virus that was three weeks ago, im now over those symptoms and now Im still not well sore stomach and tested for Ricketsea also, jardin is now sending me for another R12300 of bloods, questions is do I do them or not…. I think I will always wonder if I dont however if I do them then she prescribes anti biotics I m not sure I want to go that route feeling lost!

  20. Hi Candice, I have been battling with Rickettsial for well over 15 years along with Bilharzia. I’ve been through the Jadin treatments with some improvement to begin with (that was 10 years ago). Anyhow, I find I can no longer afford to fly to JHB let alone afford Dr. Jadins fees and cost for treatments. So I contacted Dr.Smuts having read your post here. He was very helpful and referred me to someone in Cape Town. Now what I want to know is what are the costs for Bio resonance and the Ozonide drops? Also were you only tested? Or did you have a treatment as well? I visited the local health practitioner here and was tested for deficiencies etc, I was then told no more grain (gluten) and no more dairy and no more sugar. There was more focus on my diet. Okay I suffer from severe reflux which could be caused by gluten allergy. I was then given DMSO (for pain) and Para Rizol Ozonide. No actual therapy at all and no homeopathic remedies. Oh and I was told to have vit B12 jabs every two week and bath at least twice a week in 1kg epsom salt. The cost for all this was somewhat steep. Next appointment for is for 3 months time. I just want to know if this all sounds right or am I going down the wrong route. I wish I could see Dr. Smuts as I know he has dealt with these diseases.

    Thanks for the great forum.

    • Candice Allan Says:

      HI Wenz
      I’m so glad to hear from you & that you contacted Willem. I’m sorry to hear you have had such a long run with this Rickettia and on top of that Bilharzia.
      When I started the process with Willem, he used his Bio Resonance Machine to do all the tests for parasites, viruses, fungi, heavy metals, chemicals / toxins, allergens (being pollens, smoke, foods etc). So among all the parasites & viruses & heavy metal poisoning, he also found lots of food allergies. I think us folks that are so sensitive to things end up with food allergies. Willem is also an allergy specialist so we dealt with all of that. For six months I stayed away from dairy, gluten, sugars & nightshade vegetables. Didn’t leave me much to eat. Eventually I just could not anymore! It’s honestly too hard. BUT… that has not wrecked things for me. The big things were Rickettsia, major Candida overgrowth (which also makes you feel like crap!!!!!), Helicobacterpylori & more. I did go for treatments with the Biocom System. Willem did a few frequent treatments & then started spacing them. My ailments are under control now but I do go back every 8 weeks or so for follow ups to check that its still going ok. Ok with the treatments, Willem’s prices are as follows: R500.00 for the first session and R350.00 thereafter. His appointments are an hour long. I have been for shorter more frequent appointments which we negotiated a reduced price. So that is just to give you an idea. The Biocom system was used to treat all the above. He also gives BRT drops (which in essence is water with the frequency of the biocom treatments given to you imprinted in the water. This is taken daily to reinforce the biocom treatements between sessions. I was also given Para Rizol Ozonide Drops for the Rickettsia… these are the miracle drops that have the long lasting effect on the Rickettsia. I took them as follows: 1 drop in water twice a day for 3 days, 30 minutes before meals, then 7 drops in water twice a day for 7 days, 30 minutes before meals, then 12 drops in water twice a day for 7 days, 30 minutes before meals and then drop down to 4 drops in water once a day until the bottle was empty. Once off the meds for a long time, I experienced a reoccurance & we have come to a conclusion that I’m happy to take 4 drops a day forever if I have to to keep it away. 4 drops a day will take forever to finish a bottle & the botttle was around R350.00. So that I can manage.
      I can’t unfortunately say anything about the Bilharzia but I have 2 options for you for the chronic reflux….. ask the BioCom practitioner in CT to test you for Helicobacterpylori. It;s most likely that. You can get homeopathic granules to treat that easily & that wont be more than R100. Alternatively if it’s not that, go to see a Body Stress Release Practitioner ( there should be tons in the Western Cape) See the website for practitioner details. http://www.bodystressrelease.co.za it could be tension in your mid back pulling on your muscles that pull on your diaphram which in turns pulls open your osophogus & constantly churns up acid. I’ve experienced both & once the Helicobacter was sorted, I regularly go for BSR for all the stress my body holds! Between Willem & BSR – it saved my life!
      With regards to Vit B12, my body does not absorb Vitamin B properly & thus experience a chronic shortage. This adds to the exhaustion. This will also have to do with the food allergies. Most grains are high in Vit B. So from time to time Willem does Allergy treatments on me. I have resorted to injecting myself weekly with Vit B12 & Vit B Co injections. I draw 1.5ml of each into the same 3 ml syringe. I use one needle to draw from the bottles & a new thin needle (0.55 mm) to inject myself in my thigh). Always ensure the bubbles are out of the syringe before injecting. Inject slowly & ensure the Vitamin B is at room temperature to reduce stinging 🙂 it really works. You can’t overdose on Vitamin B as any excess will pass through via your urine. So definitely stick to the injections. To save costs, do it yourself. You will spend under R100 and it should last you 2 months or more.
      I find that that the less parasites & such are in your system , the less your allergies are. It’s amazing how sometimes they can work together!
      Oh – another thing…. if you can’t go for constant BioRensonance treatments, there is a home machine you can rent that they program the specific treatment into. You then do daily treatments for 1 hour a day. Maybe that will be a better option for you? I can’t remember what they call those machines but if your practitioner can’t help, then contact Willem about it & he will give you more details.
      Anyways – I hope this helps you.
      Take care.
      Kindest regards

      • Hi Candice,

        Wow . . . thank you for such an in depth and honest response. I have found this forum and your answers very helpful and I so appreciate the time taken to reply to my queries.

        Okay I was never tested for parasites, viruses, fungi, heavy metals, chemicals / toxins etc . . . rather just allergies to certain food substances. Cecile of course tested for all the Rickettsial strains as well as Bilharzia . . . so I guess I can go by that. I was a tad disappointed in my Bio res session as I had expected all that you have mentioned. Expectations are bad things to have as you are most often left feeling let down or cheated. I must just remember each of us is different and thus require a different approach.

        Anyway, I have been off dairy (although I am allowed hard cheeses, butter and cream) – no milk and no yoghurt though. And I am staying away from all grain with gluten and no sugars. It is hard and I feel quite hungry at times as I just don’t know what to eat at times. I feel as if I live on Rice and potatoes with lots of veg. Changing ones diet can be quite a challenge.

        The bio res session cost me R750 for a 90 min session + I was charged R30 on top for all the tests and follow ups are R500 for 60 mins. It all seemed somewhat steep especially as I have to travel some distance for all this. Para Rizol Ozonide Drops cost 300 for 30mls and the DMSO is R100 for 10mls. And then I have to take the magnesium and zinc supplement, probiotics and vit B12 injection. Eeeek it all adds up. My next appointment is for 3 months time. Will ask she checks the Helicobacterpylori.

        Okay, I will keep going and see what happens after three months. How long did it take before seeing a marked improvement. So far I feel little change. I’ve had a few attacks . . . maybe herx reaction. And yesterday I felt great and played ball with the kids on the beach for 5 maybe 10 mins . . . but I am paying for it now with headache and lots of inflammation and aching joints / muscles. Feel ever so disheartened.

        We have to BSR practitioners here . . . so will contact them as soon as I can afford a session. And thanks for the advice on injecting the vit B myself. Not sure I am brave enough at this stage . . . but in time I will give it a try.

        Any suggestions on taking the Para Rizol . . . it tastes ugghhhhhh! I really battle to swallow the mix.

        Thanks again,

        Blessings and happiness,


      • Candice Allan Says:

        Hi Wenz

        It’s a pleasure for the information. I am always glad to help someone. I just really hope it helps you as you say people are individuals & often require a uniquely tailored approach.
        With regard to the food allergies, also note that some parasites / viruses etc. can aggravate allergies. Every time my Candida Overgrowth gets out of hand, my allergies flair up as well as my body aches, depression, brain fog, swollen feet & hands etc. etc. So it could be underlying things that trigger them & make them worse. The symptoms may not just be from Rickettsia….
        The restrictive diet is very hard & one needs to research many recipe ideas to survive. I know it’s expensive but try adding Quinoa to your diet. High protein source & also a grain. I have a divine recipe for a Quinoa salad. Email me on Candice@emeraldsa.co.za & I’ll be happy to share some recipes with you if they fit into your category. Also replace your sugar with Xylitol. It is the best sugar replacement & is healthy unlike sweeteners. Dischem has the cheapest Xylitol. Replace your milk with Cassava Milk. It is a dairy free milk powder made from a vegetable root. It is not bad at all & a very nice alternative. Not as expensive as Soy Milk, Rice Milk or Almond Milk. Look in Dischem in the Natures Source (I think) section. You can also make yourself bread out of coconut & buckwheat flour – it is gluten free. You can get the recipe on http://www.thecandidadiet.com. It is not great but it is a damn side better than not eating any carbs at all. Also the Buckwheat Crackers from the Organ range are quite nice & versatile. They are also gluten & sugar free & you can get them from Dischem in the healthy food section. Lovely with Avo on it!
        I’m amazed that the bio res sessions in CT are more expensive than in JHB. Might be worth taking one trip up to JHB sometime to Willem Smuts & getting him to do the full scan for everything & seeing how he might be more helpful that the person down there? I know… money money money… hard one to get around – I also battle with the ever soaring costs.
        With regard to the supplements, try to use the Foodstate brand is the body assimilates it easier! Probiotics are another story… the good ones are really expensive! But right now all I can afford are the Probiflora Intensive…. It’s a 9 strain.
        To answer your question – it took a few months to mark an improvement. It got a bit worse first. When all these bugs die off the lymphatic system takes strain as it has a lot to flush out so ensure you look after that lymphatic system too! Jumping on a little trampoline is the best thing for lymph drainage (besides manual lymph drainage massage).
        Giver your body a break while you have these bugs. It will react adversely to exercise. Mine does too. When the bugs were gone I managed to join run walk for life & started walking…. Don’t laugh….. 2 & a half minutes at first for 3 sessions & then increased by a further 2 & a half minutes for 3 sessions & so on. I managed to get up to 30 minutes walk before I had the reoccurrence. Now I have to try get back to it again. So be gentle with yourself. You are not making excuses for not exercising – your body literally can’t cope – so don’t overdo it & make it worse.
        If one day you have good fortune with some extra cash – get yourself an Aqua Ozone Hydrotherapy Machine. This is an awesome health aid. You put it in the bath & it turns it into a Jacuzzi…. But it releases Ozone….. And Ozone helps with all sorts of bugs. http://www.aquaozone.co.za/about01.html. It is a great investment! Read up on it!
        With regards to the Para Rizol…. Uggggghhhhh as you say. It is horrible. Just whatever you do… take it cause it’s the key to beating this thing. Are you up to 12 drops yet? … that is the hardest. It’s more manageable on lower dose. I put it in a shot glass & only have to take one gulp! I then chase it with an olive as it is a strong taste & it helps! I know you should drink it on an empty stomach but if you can’t – then 1 olive won’t kill! It’s better than not taking it at all.
        Blessings & happiness to you too!

  21. […] yrs later, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which went into remission using Jadin’s antibiotics protocol mixed with Hemex’s […]

  22. Second, a digestive supplement may dramatically assist you in the proper digestion of your food while your body is
    busy rebalancing itself. Sometimes after infection or years of unhealthy living these good bacteria
    can die off and leave you with a bad balance of bad bacteria to good bacteria.
    Not every person with digestive issues needs to be on enzyme supplements.

  23. Sandile Says:

    Hi guys,

    If anyone can help me, I am struggling with Chronic Fatigue Symptoms/ME like symptoms experienced the last 7 months. I don’t know but I have watched my health deteriorate and descend further into chaos. My doctor said it is probably Yuppie Flu for guys in my age(22). I have seen blood test showing an active infection, anaemia, neutrophilia and lymphocytosis. My lymphs nodes are sore and swollen and tonsils are swollen too. I have lost a lot of weight, I have neurological problems, severe orthostatic intolerence and cognitive and autonomic issues.

    I wonder if it some kind of chronic ongoing infection because I have noticed that in my blood tests and urine. Theres something happening bad and serious and doctors cant pick it up or tell me its effects of prolonged stress…

    Desperate, Sick as a dog & need help(advice)

    • See http://cfsremission.wordpress.com/ The infection may be a gut infection that is not severe enough to be “medically significant” but sufficient to keep you feel sick.

    • Candice Allan Says:

      HI Sandile
      Where do you live? If you are in the JHB area or can get here, you can try see Willem Smuts for BRT testing? http://www.willemsmuts.co.za
      Alternatively have you had a Live Blood Analysis done? it might also give you more answers.
      I find the mainstream doctors can’t find a solution for us sufferers so we have to explore all the other options.
      Depending on all that is wrong with you, you should find some answers if you can get to Willem Smuts. All of his details are on the website.
      Best Wishes.

    • Megan Swain Says:

      Dear Sandile,

      Your post is very old, its my first time on here & Im very tech challenged, so want to make sure u can reach me, plse call 083 307 2420, hope to help u, if u are still battling 4yrs later.

      I know how u feel, been thereand felt hopeless with nowhere to turn and at my worst, considered suicide as my only relief from the unrelenting pain & agony as I felt I had no life worth living. I believe that to be part of the mental condition this disease progresses to. Fepression is common woth a prolinged illness and no light at the end of the tunnel.

      Ive had my own prolonged journey since approx 2009. Been so long, cant really remember when my issues started. Also, been misdiagnosed SO many times, might even date back earlier. Ive seen both Dr Jadin AND Willem Smuts – amongst countless others, SO much money down the drain with NO improvement!

      Am now on my own protocol, only two weeks diligently, low dose, so early days yet but first improvement in my rash Ive seen since it started around 2007!

      Dr Jadin diagnosed me in approx 2012 with Ricketsia and I cldnt tell u what else without pulling out my med file (suffer severe brain-fog & have NO retentive memory). 6mnths into treatment I caught severe pneumonia/bronchitis, mainstream Drs at practice & hospital insisted I stop ALL anti-biotics immediately, seemed to be doing more damage to system than good. I had also developed allergy to penicillin that I never had b4! I hadnt seen an improvemnt up to then, altho Jadin did say treatment min 1yr to 3plus yrs. I was worrying I was putting more strain on an already very ill body and only the bacteria seemed immune to treatment! So, decided to stop – also very expensive which med aid pd next-to-nothing of!

      Im now combining natural anti-fungals, essential oils and my secret weapon – Zeolite (powder, NOT drops) to detox the body and kill a number of pathogens. Im no Dr and no researcher but no one has been able to help me in at least 9yrs – had gut issues prior to that which were prob also misdaignosed – so maybe even longer!

      Been diagnosed with everything from Yuppie flu (glandular fever as a child) to ME, fibromyalgia, IBS, billharzia, hypochondria, candida (yet never had thrush), food allergies (bloods & stool tests later came up negative), HPA Axis Dysfunction, Adrenal Burnout, Thyroid dysfunction – u name it. Each time, new Dr, more poking/prodding, tests, meds, money out – no success! One so-called Dr said it was all in my head, “what’s a little rash?” and wanted to book me into a mental facility or dope me into a coma! A little rash – that can be indicative of RMSF or meningitis, really?

      Im not sure who will see this, I hope all, so many people I want to talk to who have posted here, but I cant respond to each individually – literally, dont have the strength.

      If u do nothing else, google everything u can find to read on Zeolite – I believe its miraculous and . . . . CHEAP! Even used in the treatment of cancer and in Fukushima fallout clean-up! Been used many years in animal husbandry. NB NB NB IT WILL remove toxins from your system, starting with the MOST toxic ie heavy metals! It also recognises many prescription meds as toxins (which sadly, many are) and WILL REMOVE THOSE TOO so one MUST consult yr GP if taking prescription meds BEFORE combining the 2! Sadly, most mainstream docs dont know what it is or dismiss it out-of-hand, which I believe to be short-sighted. I really believe in the human bodys’ ability to heal itself given the correct tools but one needs to know what the problem is first!

      ALSO VERY IMPORTANT!!! ENSURE u take something that works for u to ensure you are evacuating (No 2) min. once daily, pref 3x daily and take in lots of liquid (purified, NO TAP WATER) & LOTS of weeing!!! Toxins must be flushed or u will get even MORE ill !!!! This was a problem for me, usual suspects did NOTHING eventually discovered MSGNESIUM OXIDE, can buy at any health store/most good chemists (My one is Colon Active by Body Renewal, sure any MO will work). One scoopful (5g) daily – works a treat!

      Ive been very ill and tried so many protocols over the yrs, once almost cracking my head open on bathroom floor when feinted whilst on black olive leaf (and other meds) when detoxing! Ive NOT suffered such severe Herxheimer with essential oils, Zeolite & natural anti-fungal, -viral and -septic such as Coconut oil – MUST be organic, cold-pressed and virgin.

      I even stopped the whole No sugar, gluten, honey, fruit (your body needs the fibre) mantra that never resulted in any improvement in my symptoms or rash! Have remained OFF cows milk and limited other dairy intake as its a known inflammatory and I want to help my body purge & heal. Spars’ no-sugar added Almond milk by ?? is a great alternative. Woolies one awful – like water.

      Now, 2weeks after a daily dose of 1 heaped tsp of Zeolite POWDER, (not even on EOs currently) my rash is showing an improvement for the first time in over 10yrs! It may only be coz my body is finally able to flush endotoxins of whatever bacteria/disease ails me but so far it appears to be working and I’m going to stick to it! Im really too ill to follow a strict diet and am reliant on whatever my poor, long-suffering husband can make me to eat but I do believe if u can keep your food as simp,e and natural as possible, thats best.Again, natural, whole food, less stress on the body to digest, best nutrition. Dtick to lean protein and lots of oily fish (watch mercury intake, ZL excellent for this). Also, meatbportion shld be small, mostly veg/salads etc. This is hard for me, find soup a good alternative to get all veggies in, delish and easy on body to digest. If very ill -bone broth also good for u and can be bought at large health stores if too ill to make yr own, like me.

      If I can help anyone, plse contact me, can also suggest other natural means to help your body heal itself. For many, the key to chronic illnes is a toxic overload the body can no longer cope with, which leads to so many other ailments and serious illness. Thats why I believe ZL is the key – starts with heavy metals and works its way thru to even herpes virus! My phone goes to vm daily b4 2pm, Im still very weak, mostly bed-bound and still sleep half the day as I’m up all night. If u cant reach me, leave a vm msge and I will sms u to call me again when Im awake or, on rare days, up! Forgive me, cant call everyone back as I expect a deluge, so many people suffering with no successful support.

      I hope this reaches everyone and wish u good health & success in your journey back to optimal health!

      God Bless,
      Megan Swain

      • Nasib Khan Says:


        On Nov 26, 2018 12:45 PM, “Fighting the Invisibility – Living with M.E.” wrote:

        > Megan Swain commented: “Dear Sandile, Your post is very old, its my first > time on here & Im very tech challenged, so want to make sure u can reach > me, plse call 083 307 2420, hope to help u, if u are still battling 4yrs > later. I know how u feel, been thereand felt hope” >

  24. achoui Says:


    J’aimerais écrire au docteur Cécile Jadin.
    J’ai deux soeurs atteintes de sclérose en plaque depuis maintenant 28 ans.
    J’ai lu beaucoup d’anciens articles concernant le père du
    docteur Cécile Jadin.
    Pourriez-vous me dire ou elle consulte et éventuellement si il y a une adresse mail.

  25. achoui Says:


    J’aimerais savoir ou le Docteur JADIN consulte.
    Pourriez-vous me donner son adresse mail.
    J’ai des questions à lui poser (j’ai deux soeurs atteintes de sclérose en plaque depuis 28 ans)
    merci pour vos réponses.

  26. ACHOUI Says:


    C’est super de m’avoir donné les coordonnées du docteur Jadin.
    Avec tous mes remerciements.

  27. LECONTE Says:

    Bonsoir Dr Jadin,

    Je prend contact avec vous afin de pouvoir afiner les recherches entreprises par le Dr Grégoire Aguirre.
    En effet, je suis malade depuis 18 mois, le diagnostic posé en janvier 2015 est celui de polysérite auto immune.
    Je vous fais part de mes antécédents et l’histoire de ma maladie:
    Je suis née le 22/11/73
    – février 2010: salpingite (aucun germes découverts)
    – Aout 2013 entorse genou droit, suivi d’une phlébite en poplitée droite de 1,5cm
    – Novembre 2013 salpingite (germes non trouvés), récidive en décembre 2013, puis en mars 2014 avec ablation de la trompe gauche
    – Juillet 2014 péricardite seche, puis récidive en aout 2014 avec épanchement suivi d’une tamponnade avec drainage
    – Septembre 2014 péritonite sur pelvis avec polykystose, puis récidive de péricardite (ainsi qu’en novembre et mars 2015)
    – Octobre 2014 pneumopathie
    – Janvier 2015 frottis positif au papilloma virus
    Les salpingites ont été traitées par flagyl et oflocet
    Les péricardites par 3g d’aspégic /jr, et 1mg de colchicine
    J’ai fait une”cure” de ceftriaxone en novembre
    Aujourd’hui je doit faire une cure de KINERET pendant 1mois, mais j’attend de faire les examens que le Dr Grégoire Aguirre m’a préscrit.
    J’ai besoin de savoir ce dont vous avez besoin comme recherches concernant le sérum,car la prescription est faite mais il me manque ces éléments pour aller au laboratoire.
    Aujourd’hui tous les examens demandés par le Dr Grégoire Aguirre sont en analyse.
    J’espère avoir de vos nouvelles, ce qui me permettrait d’avancer et de reprendre espoir, je souhaiterai vous rencontrer si vous le jugez utile.
    Cordialement, Aude Leconte

    • Bonjour Aude,
      Merci d’avoir pris le temps de commenter sur ce blog. Malheureusement, je ne suis pas affilié directement avec Dr Jardin. Je voulais simplement écrire sur mon expérience d’être traités par elle.
      L’adresse de courriel que je ai l’habitude de communiquer avec elle, et correspondent en 2012 est: info@drcjadin.com je ne sais pas si elle est encore correcte. Je espère que vous êtes en mesure de communiquer avec elle, et d’obtenir les réponses dont vous avez besoin.
      Cordialement, Sam

  28. Peter Rosema Says:

    I have spent 22 months on Dr jadin’s treatment program and while I am far from being 100 percent I have found that i now have more good days than bad. I have the added complication of having a Ventricular shunt which is adjustable. I have experienced a recent setback in which the treatment together with the shunt have reduced the cerebral fluid to the point where one ventricle has collapsed. The reason for placing the shunt was due to the high level of protein in the CSF and was eventually directly linked to infection (rickettsia).

    Under treatment i manage at least 20 good days a month and considering how i felt prior to treatment i am extremely glad to have been introduced to and been treated by Cecile Jadin. Yes her treatment regime is different and controversial, but the results speak for themselves.

    • Peter Rosema Says:

      Since posting this in 2015, I continued with Dr Jadins treatment for a further 12 months during this period the shunt was removed as it had started over draining the CSF. The reason for this was the protein levels in the CSF had normalized and my body was now draining the fluid naturally. All in all I was treated for almost three years, a costly exercise but having regained my health to a point where I can function fully, started working again and continue to run my own business at the same time. Dr Cecile was a life saver for me and I am and will remain eternally grateful to her for what she has done for me.

  29. Patrick Says:

    I Dr jardin my name is Patrick kaponda.
    I would like to meet you or maybe getting your address for a consultation.
    My pho e number is 0603863148
    Your sincerre patrick


    Qui peut me dire si le Dr Cécile Jadin consulte encore à Namur?
    Ou me donner une adresse mail, afin de la joindre. Merci beaucoup.

  31. […] Dr. Philip Bottero, MD, who was doing a protocol of multiple rotating antibiotics very similar to Dr. Cecile Jadin, MD. The unusual thing was he was treating patients with psychopathies and obtaining a high rate of […]

  32. Bernies Says:

    I have a grandmother who has been struggling with what we think are skin parasites for about 9 years now.She feels movements in her skin,but not in her intestine.Her body,especially her arms feel like they have lumps.Her urine comes out with white substances,the doctors don’t see anything.Please help!

  33. kim fraser Says:

    Does dr Jadin practise in KZN at all? I have not been well for a couple of months. Had blood tests donewhich came back positivefor Rickettsia, Estain-Bar and Coxsackie. I am extremely fatigued all day, terrible migraines, back and muscle ache, shakey, no energy, stomach cramps…. i havetried some treatment via my local GP but i am desperate now. I have an 18 month old son and its heart breaking when day after day i cannot play with him because i am not well. My immune system has completely bombed out.

  34. kim fraser Says:

    does anyone have an email address for dr jadin?

  35. Audrey Vowles Says:

    Dear Dr. Jardine,
    I was a patient of yours back in 1992, I received the life changing medication, one week per month, for 6 months. I have never, again, smashed my head on tiles in order to ease the pain in my body, head, joints, to focus the pain in one direction. I have a friend who has been diagnosed with lupus! It sounds much like Rikkettsia to me. Could the diagnosis be wrong? I would be be grateful for the answer.

  36. Michael Says:

    Hi…..try ozone therapy!!!
    It worked for me!!!
    No wheat no dairy… Or small dairy
    No wheat!!!
    Take Nexium or similar.
    Keep meals small

    I went to the husband of Jardine same

    Ozone really helped!!!

  37. Hi Candice

    Please send me your e-mail address I would like to make contact with you.


  38. Hi I’m in hermanus and desperately trying to find help with tick bite (lyme sickness) where do I get help as been told I have chronic lymphatic leukemia since 2008 but should be dead by now after having no treatment along with that my red blood cells are enlarged.as a baby I had tick bite fever but came out in red blotches,heart stoped that was in 1973 I’ve been told for years I have tick fever even when I haven’t had a new tick bite so now I’m wondering.

  39. Bharti Ranchod Says:

    HI Dr Jardin I think I have h pylori have had treated before with helico x. Results came back negative but now I can’t digest any foods. Get huge amounts of flatulence and bloating and tummy pain.
    Can you help?. Are you in South Africa?

  40. Brenda Botha Says:

    My son and I have been diagnosed by a homeopath, Dr Piedallu, with Rickettsiae. Apparently I had rickettsiae during my pregnancy and passed it on to my son. We are now waiting for blood tests from Dr Jardin to confirm the homeopathic diagnosis. My son has serious developmental delays and we are hoping that it is caused by rickettsiae – hoping that it can be treated. I am going to opt for the homeopathic treatment (after reading the above) as it is apparently faster & safer. Anybody knows of other moms that had rickettsiae during their pregnancy and what the outcome was?

  41. Shymore Says:

    Greetings I have been sick for a while now I need help since no one believes that I have lyme no one will test me

  42. Michael Says:

    How are you doing right now?
    Jan 2019 that is.

    I couldn’t get an appointment with Dr Jardin but managed to see the husband who has a practice close to their home and copies his wife’s protocol. I was also annoyed about the constant expenses everytime there was a new protocol.

    I had been suffering for roughly 6 years before this 2006 to 2012 before coming back to SA when I started the antibiotics. I was living in the US and had tried many different things plus protocols and crap from quite a few doctors, homeopaths etc etc.

    I did improve 7 months later after starting Jardin but in the last 3 months I was simultaneously doing intravenous ozone treatment.

    Something helped, I started doing exercise and slowly but surely built myself back to bring somewhat normal. This took roughly 2 1/2 years.

    Right now I’m ok.
    I exercise regularly.
    Keeps me alive.

  43. Vanessa Says:

    This Dr. C. Jardin decided to put me on her protocol in South Africa Chartwell North estates in 2014. That nearly wiped my entire existence out. Once I reached out to the head of the rickettsia foundation in Australia I realised one only needed to take these doxycycline or tetracycline protocols once. Dr. Jardin insisted I needed these meds for seven to eight years every month. Her protocol took my voice my movement and my everyday brain functioning and reasoning away. In two short months Once off the meds my bloods balanced. I am healthy and fully recovered even years later because I refused to accept her absolute rubbish about a test only she can do to treat a bacterial infection that only she could see and kept me on my knees and enslaved to only her for answers and exuberant fees. Fight back don’t believe this women she is not recognised in many countries around the world for very good reason and not allowed to practice. I spoke to two of her patients that came to me through my sister’s work and where I was living , a coincidence, and once they went off the meds through my experience and testimony they went off these protocols and claimed their lives back. Dr. Jardin you are following an incorrect protocol one that entraps brings fear and never offers healing but one that preys on people that are willing to accept they are ill forever and you encourage victim status. I am grateful I never let you take me into your dark world of unhealth and excruciating pain if I listened to you I would be a useless lump of human sloughing around the house exposing words of how horrible I feel. These meds are the cause not the cure. . My only comfort is that one day you will be too old to cause such distruction. You took an oath. Start listening to your patients. Do a double blind and see if you can prove yourself wrong I did three times out three. I know your blinkers blind you. I know your work is a scam too. People be victors… this protocol is a lie. Please use your head and question this protcol in depth and go far and wide to get answers that lead to truth and healing. This is not the answer.

    • joseph Says:

      Hi Vanessa
      Can you please let me know who you saw in Australia. I am in Melbourne, Australia. Joseph

  44. Samuel Keeve Says:

    Hi Sam Sadie, I am posting a section about my struggle with Recketsia on my Facebook wall and would like to get your permission to place your writing on the same post. Please can I get your permission. Please let me know of any objections.

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