My M.E. Timeline

3 June 2007

  • Viral illness with persistent fatigue and sleep pattern disturbance.

12 June 2007

  • First visit to GP. Diagnosed with “Tropical Diahorrea” due to visit to South Africa 3 weeks before.

09 July 2007

  • Changed GP. Dr. Stanger more open-minded about fatigue symptoms and starts treating for CFS (Post-viral Fatigue Syndrome).
  • Booked off work.

19 November 2007

  • Referred to Occupational Health for preparation for Return To Work.

28 January 2008

  • Started back on Phased Return to work.

8 April 2008

  • Diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia and started on medication to control symptoms.

May 2008

  • Negotiated to reduce contracted hours at work from 37.5hrs per week, to 30hrs per week.

13 November 2008

  • Booked off work due to relapse caused by viral illness contracted at work.

5 January 2009

  • Meeting with line manager, H.R., Occupational Health Consultant, Union Representative and myself to discuss return to work and possible need for “medical redeployment”.

26 January 2009

  • Start of 12-weeks Phased Return to Work (to 30hrs per week).

05 May 2009

  • Appointment with CFS/ME Specialist Service.
  • Diagnosis confirmed by specialist.

12 May 2009

  • Father is murdered (his body was only found 4 days later). MAJOR contributor to subsequent relapse.

26 July 2009

  • Relapse of CFS / ME symptoms with no viral illness precipitator.

30 July 2009

  • Booked off work by GP.

11 November 2009

  • Discovered that I was pregnant.

22 February 2010

  • Returned to work – changed job role (went down a pay band) and reduced my hours to 20hrs per week over 4 days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).

02 July 2010

  • My son, Ethan, was born by elective c-section.

December 2010

  • Recurrent viral infections began once my son started at nursery.

11 January 2011

  • First day back at work after my maternity leave ended.

03 March 2011

  • Booked off an long-term sick leave by my GP.

10 May 2011

  • Seen by ME/CFS Specialist Clinic – medication changed from Citalopram to Trazodone to help with sleep disturbance.

14 and 21 October 2011

  • Seen by Dr Jadin in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Blood tests indicate antibodies to microbes: Mycoplasma pneumonia IgG, Chlamydia pneumoniae IgA (acute) & IgG (chronic), and Rickettsia Conorii (spotted fever).
  • Started on a course of antibiotics that ended on 23 December 2011.

01 December 2011

  • Meeting with my manager and Human Resources for a first stage meeting under the Trust’s “Management of Attendance” policy.
  • Agreed to meet on 23rd January 2012 after the completion of my antibiotic treatment, and after my appointment with Occupational Health.

09 January 2012

  • Occupational Health Consultant at work, informed my manager that she would support an application for Ill-Health Retirement.

23 January 2012

  • Second formal stage meeting with my manager and Human Resources under the “Management of Attendance Policy.
  • Human Resources agreed to commence an application to the NHS Pension Scheme for my Ill-Health Retirement.

03 February 2012

  • Received the paperwork from the local NHS Pensions Advisor, for me to complete and pass on to Occupational Health.

02 March 2012

  • NHS Pension Scheme writes to acknowledge receipt of my completed Ill-Health Retirement application.

12 March 2012

  • Letter from NHS Pension Scheme, informing me that Ill-Health Retirement application was APPROVED, and that I qualify for tier 2 (higher level) pension due to being (probably) permanently unable to carry out any paid work.

26 February 2014

  • My second son, Jesse, was born by elective c-section.


25 January 2018

  • My third so, Micah, was born via elective c-section.

2 Responses to “My M.E. Timeline”

  1. Nicki Kirby Says:

    Hi Sam
    Your history is almost a carbon copy of mine. I commend you for keeping a record of illness; I would have to work quite hard on my timeline but the trends are very similar. I’d had bacterial meningitis, pleurasy and chicken pox during my pregnancies so I’m glad you avoided those mishaps!

    I followed Dr Jardin’s protocol for nearly two years and I really improved significantly (although as your other followers point out, it is a tough regime that requires determination and committment).

    Like you, significant external stresses caused a major relapse and I ended up in hospital. I was able to stand the toxicity of the protocol whilst not under too much other pressure, but just couldn’t carry on with so much other stuff to deal with. Under the guidance of a different doctor when I ended up in hospital, I was encouraged to give up the tetracyclines etc. For now I have decided to follow a different approach as I simply couldn’t continue with the antibiotic protocol, which was making me feel so grim. I recognise that the short-term discomfort is for long-term gain (I had committed to the idea that the antibiotic protocol should be followed for a number of years to be most effective, and I understand the biology behind this too), but I was just feeling so sick ON the meds.

    My new approach is to build my own immune system to help try to deal with the chronic Chlamydia pneumoniae and Rickettsia conorii infections (I tested positive for Brucella too), and protect me against the countless other microbes that usually take advantage of my compromised immunity. My G.P. is giving me immunoglobulin injections monthly, I have put myself on Gigartina ( and carotene rich multivitamins to strengthen my immune system and I’m taking Paraherb ( in place of the antibiotics. Plus of course I am trying to eat really well and getting fresh vegies from an organic producer weekly. It is early days still on my own prototcol, but I have to say I am feeling better than I have for a long time. Going back on Dr Jardin’s protocol is not out of the question, but only when I feel stronger to cope with it. Seems a bit contradictory, but the idea of forcing down those strong antibiotics right now is just not an option for me.

    Good luck with your journey. Very happy to chat privately if you’d like to find out how my own treatment turns out!

  2. Hi, I am so sorry to hear that. My husband had Borrelia Gurdunferi since 2000 and the last test show only Ricketssia. He have sleepeing disorder patterns and and you say is like another manage his life. Today February 10th he begin another Doxicicline treatmnet. What a horrible disease. He got it in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

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